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Superior Quality. GOLDEN Slow Food. Salted and Smoked from fresh catch of herring, without any chemical additives. Natural salt and wood smoked.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon ca 300g-1.2kg

With its decidedly potent flavor, salmon is a fish that does well to be prepared with a variety of equally as prominent flavors to offset and enhance its natural taste. Smoking salmon is an excellent way to do so, the smokiness of it complementing the strong natural flavor of the fish with ease.

The Smoked Salmon shown here has been naturally smoked on forestry taken locally from Norway, giving it a distinctive taste that cannot be found from salmon smoked anywhere else in the world. It is smoked using traditional recipes passed down for years that have been proven to yield the best, most flavorful results. The creation of this smoked fish uses no artificial or chemical additives, giving you a flavorful piece of fish that is naturally delicious. This simple, yet highly flavorful fish can be cooked with any additional herbs and spices or eaten raw, letting you transform it into the perfect salmon for any dish or appetizer you are preparing.

Price $17.00-$68.00

Gravlax (gravad lax)

Gravlax (gravad lax) ca 300g-1.2kg

One of the most common and well-loved Nordic dishes, Gravlax is something that many outside of Norway have tried to recreate due to its popularity and iconic flavor profiles. Gravlax consists of raw salmon that has been cured using sugar, salt and dill. Those who want to enjoy this dish as an appetizer usually learn that curing it on your own isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Our delicious, savory Gravlax can be shipped to you already perfectly prepared and ready to eat.

Our Gravlax features ultra-fresh salmon that has been prepared with the traditional gravlax ingredients. Each ingredient has been applied to each piece of salmon using traditional recipes that have been in circulation for many years, ensuring the classic taste. It is made using no chemical additives, leaving only the delicious, natural flavor of this iconic fish intact. It is smoked on Norwegian forestry, giving it a unique flavor that cannot be achieved anywhere else in the world.

Price $17.00-$68.00

Smoked Herring Filet

Smoked Herring Filet

One of the more popular Scandinavian fish choices, herring is a delectably full-flavored fish that is used in a variety of dishes. It is known for its strong, sometimes salty and rich, oily flavor that gives the fish its unique taste and delicate texture. When you smoke herring, it only becomes that much richer in flavor, making smoked herring a popular choice among those wanting to enjoy this fish.

The Smoked Herring sold here is of the highest quality and has been smoked to perfection. Norwegian forestry is used to smoke the fish, giving it a unique smoked texture that no other country or region can mimic. The fish has been smoked according to classic, traditional recipes that have been passed on through the ages in order to preserve its timeless taste. This Smoked Herring uses no chemical additives, ensuring that every flavor experienced when you serve the fish is entirely natural. It comes ready to enjoy in the way that you prefer to eat your herring.

Price $29 per kg.