We are the official sales company for Njardar A/S. We only use traditional methods in our production. The traditional methods that are used have been in use of family for more than ten decades.

The production is based in Norway in a small town witch is named Nærø and has been of the key importance of the family since 1979.


Njardar’s salting process is a secret of trained and experienced workers. Njardar is using old methods and know-how to create our highly valued product for the worldwide market. We are producing a lot of different types of herring products, some, specialized to specific markets.

Quality Fish Products Production

What We Do


Quality testing and control

Njardar’s fish products are famous for its quality. Our own made quality tests, according to the long-lasting traditional methods of its holding company, exceeds the norms of international regulations. We are using modern equipment to be able to preserve our quality brands, but nevertheless, the trained skills of highly efficient and motivated workers are indeed of great importance to us.

Packing and storing

We are using modern equipment to be able to preserve the quality of our products until it is being served around the wide world. Njardar’s herring products are packed by hand into wooden boxes. This is your best insurance of our excellent and unique quality. This is also a big advantage regarding, storing and transportation. You can always rely on the quality brands from Primary Fishing Industries.

Export Markets

Primary Fishing Industries’s most important export markets are:

  • Mediterranean countries
  • West Indian Islands
  • North and South America
  • The EU
  • Australia
  • Persian Gulf States
  • Italy

Njardar’s products include:

  • Smoked herring and mackerel
  • Smoked herring and mackerel fillets
  • Smoked salmon traditional
  • Salted herring and mackerel
  • Clipfish (dried, salted cod)
  • Salted herring and mackerel fillets
  • Wet-salted cod and cod fillets